Me, the time machine, and my mother

When I was very young, all my childish energy nearly killed my mom, with all the scary situations I put her through.

I was 5-years-old, and a made my own time machine. Yes, it was the refrigerator, but in my mind, I could travel using it.

Some day all went wrong and I almost kill my mother, by scaring her, of course.

She found me under de fridge, agonizing, after hearing a huge noise. I was still breathing. Miraculously I was pulled out from under that huge block of steel with minor injuries.

My curiosity has always been risky for me and despair for my mother.

It was a sunny afternoon. I remember clearly. All the kids were outside playing, but I was somehow enchanted by that blue monolith.

I opened the door a few times. I went in and closed the door. I thought about life. Open the door. I thought about life again, but with the mind of a 5-year-old.

That was my time machine.

Maybe they stole that idea from me for some Hollywood movie.

Not satisfied with the experience of just being inside the time machine, I decided to explore its structure. I had to know what was up there.

Unfortunately, my small arms kept me from reaching the top. But, that didn’t stop me from trying.

I pushed so hard that I ended up rocking and tilting the fridge so that it fell on me. There was just me and a machine that no longer worked standing in time.

Lucky for me!

The noise caught my mother’s attention, who was in the laundry room, and she ran to see what had happened. Result: more screaming and despair in a scene with the woman I almost killed again and me. Poor woman!

Curiosity is a curse.

I know I could have been hurt a lot or even died that day. But I remember this event fondly.

Allowing children to explore the world, of course with a certain level of security, can help them to know their limits, understand risks, broaden their reading of everything the world can offer, and thus learn to make decisions. Right there in the real-life open lab.

We don’t need to kill anyone to learn anything in this life. But, it is necessary to understand that a child will follow instincts and seek answers to his thirsty, hungry, and restless mind.

It is a matter of survival to take risks.

Don’t scare and don’t kill your mother, please, but keep your curiosity always alive!



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William Barter

Professor - Pesquisador - Consultor de Criatividade / Professor Researcher - Creativity Advisor.